Alana Barry, specialist in Life & Business Coaching


Alana Barry

I was raised by a single Mum from the age of 2, an only child, not from a wealthy family.  I changed Primary Schools and was bullied from year 4 – 7.  My Mum re-married when I was 10 and both my Mum and Step-Dad worked all the time therefore I was alone.  At 13 I played women’s soccer and moved up into a Division 1 Team within 12 months, after 3 years my parents told me I needed to stop soccer and concentrate on study, I felt they took the only thing I enjoyed away.

During that time I also found a job and worked a few afternoons and on the weekend and took every shift I could, responsibility being handed to me quickly as I proved myself.  Working and striving for the best, to be the best, in order to be the best version of me.


Life & Business Coaching

Just like an athlete needs a coach to reach their full potential a Business Owner who wants to be successful requires a coach.  Starting a Business or being a Business Owner can sometimes be overwhelming and a lonely journey.

Are you wanting a better lifestyle or needing motivation to achieve more in life? Everyone has behaviours, beliefs and emotions that hold them back.  Allow yourself to become the best version of you.




Empowered Women – Empowering the World

What Does It Mean To Be An Empowered Woman?

Being an empowered woman goes beyond external achievements and societal expectations.  Empowered Women Empowering the World delves into the profound journey of empowered women who have transcended societal norms and external pressures to discover their true selves.

I had the privilege to co-author this book with 15 remarkable women, bringing together diverse voices to explore the multifaceted nature of empowerment.

Through candid narrative and insights, the authors discuss the core principles that define empowerment including self-discovery, breaking stereotypes, self-acceptance and the courage to let go.  By embracing both light and shadows they emphasis the significance of fostering a supportive community that uplifts one another.

The transformative power of authenticity, continuous growth, resilience and taking ownership of one’s life choices beams from the pages.  The authors reveal that being an Empowered Woman goes beyond surface level achievements, highlighting the importance of inner strength, self-awareness and embracing one’s true self.

Through personal anecdotes and reflections they share their journeys of self-discovery, self-acceptance and the pursuit of personal growth that extends far beyond external successes.  Enjoy, share and I look forward to you discovering your true self.