Alana Barry, specialist in Life & Business Coaching


Alana Barry

I was raised by a single Mum from the age of 2, an only child, not from a wealthy family.  I changed Primary Schools and was bullied from year 4 – 7.  My Mum re-married when I was 10 and both my Mum and Step-Dad worked all the time therefore I was alone.  At 13 I played women’s soccer and moved up into a Division 1 Team within 12 months, after 3 years my parents told me I needed to stop soccer and concentrate on study, I felt they took the only thing I enjoyed away.

During that time I also found a job and worked a few afternoons and on the weekend and took every shift I could, responsibility being handed to me quickly as I proved myself.  Working and striving for the best, to be the best, in order to be the best version of me.


Life & Business Coaching

Just like an athlete needs a coach to reach their full potential a Business Owner who wants to be successful requires a coach.  Starting a Business or being a Business Owner can sometimes be overwhelming and a lonely journey.

Are you wanting a better lifestyle or needing motivation to achieve more in life? Everyone has behaviours, beliefs and emotions that hold them back.  Allow yourself to become the best version of you.

Empowered Women – Empowering the World

What Does It Mean To Be An Empowered Woman?

It goes beyond having the perfect relationship, family, successful job/career or business, the healthy bank account and social status.

Instead, it is a woman who is willing to re-discover who she is, to let go of the need to be the “good girl”, the “people pleaser” and to be accepted.

She embraces her shadows and steps into her light. She is a woman who has given herself permission to learn to be who she truly is while supporting others to rise into their power.