• Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice
  • Diploma of Justice
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Fempire Certified Coach
  • Master Hypnosis
  • NLP Master Practitioner’
  • Power to Change Level I
  • Power to Change Level II
  • Practitioner of NLP
  • Professional Speaker
  • Science of Change Level I
  • Science of Change Level II

Alana Barry

I was raised by a single Mum from the age of 2, an only child, not from a wealthy family.  I changed Primary Schools and was bullied from year 4 – 7.  My Mum re-married when I was 10 and both my Mum and Step-Dad worked all the time therefore I was alone.  At 13 I played women’s soccer and moved up into a Division 1 Team within 12 months, after 3 years my parents told me I needed to stop soccer and concentrate on study, I felt they took the only thing I enjoyed away.

During that time I also found a job and worked a few afternoons and on the weekend and took every shift I could, responsibility being handed to me quickly as I proved myself.  Working and striving for the best, to be the best, in order to be the best version of me. I then completed a 2 year Diploma of Justice within 12 months.

Real Estate Career

I progressed in my career entering Real Estate at the age of 20. My beautiful daughter was born, I was age 22.  I left an unhealthy, abusive relationship at age 23 and during that time was managing a Real Estate office but something was missing, I wanted to assist people further and thought I could do more.  There had to be a better way , an easier was for investors to experience owning an investment property in order to build wealth.

Through the support of my partner, my soulmate Andrew, my Mum and my passion for wanting to show people a simplified solution to make their wealth creation through property easy and stress free, a more satisfying experience, I risked everything to open a Real Estate office specialising in Property Management at the age of 25.  With no business experience, just a dream.  My gorgeous son was born 7 days prior to opening our doors for the very first time.  Looking back that was the scariest decision that I probably would ever make in my life but at the time I was not scared, I was 100% confident in my ability to make it happen.

Life and Coaching Business

Building a successful Real Estate Agency I realised that what I loved was helping and supporting people in order to assist them in their journey.  Assisting clients, staff, family and friends achieve their life goals.  From this passion I opened Alana Barry Business & Life Coaching in order to pass on my knowledge and assist others so that they can achieve all they want to in a shorter period of time and not have to learn the hard way like myself.

Through all the heart ache and effort, I am where I am today, my past has made me who I am and I will be forever grateful for that not wanting to change a thing.