Life & Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Just like an athlete needs a coach to reach their full potential a Business Owner who wants to be successful requires a coach.  Starting a Business or being a Business Owner can sometimes be overwhelming and a lonely journey.

What’s holding you back in your business right now?
If you had someone strategising with you and keeping you accountable what could you achieve?
What would your business look like in 6 months or 12 months?

Life Coaching

Are you wanting a better lifestyle or needing motivation to achieve more in life? Everyone has behaviours, beliefs and emotions that hold them back. Allow yourself to become the best version of you.

Building a successful Real Estate Agency I realised that what I loved was helping and supporting people in order to assist them in their journey.  Alana Barry Business & Life Coaching allows me to fulfil my passion in assisting others, clients, staff, family and friends achieve their business and life goals.

As a loving supportive Partner and devoted Mother of two, I wanted to pass on my knowledge in order to assist others so that they can achieve all they want to in a shorter period of time, save money and not have to learn the hard way like myself.

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